You have reached the website of Calmia Nursery OÜ. Our garden centre is located in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.  Calmia Nursery carries a wide selection of shade trees, leafy ornamental shrubs, seasonal plants and perennials. We grow most of our own plants, the rest being obtained from outside suppliers (we don’t sell cut flowers, bulbs, seeds, fertilizer or gardening equipment).


Established in 1994, Calmia Nursery is family owned and operated.

Our goal is to keep prices as low as possible.
We can offer expert advice on the best plants for your garden.
You will find us a reliable partner, who delivers when promised.

Our street address - Randvere tee 91 - in the suburb of Mähe is right by the “Aianduse” bus stop. To get here follow the bus route Nr 8 from the city centre.
(see the map)

P.S. The assortment and prices at our sales centre may differ from the online pricing. As new shipments arrive frequently we do not always have time to immediately update the website. In case of a price difference the store price is considered final.

There is no sales tax on plants. We provide free delivery of large orders within Tallinn city limits. Also ask us about our wholesale pricing and package deals.

The various sections of our website are presently available in Estonian only. We hope the included Latin names will help you to narrow down your selections. We are always interested in exchanging information and trading harder to find more exotic plants. You can write to us in English for further discussion.

Here is the list of plants we grow in our gardens. Quite a few are not available for sale at all times due to lack of propagation material, but we can always find small quantities for trade.


For current information call (+372) 6238830 or GSM(+372) 5531918.

In season open daily from 10.00 - 18.00

Calmia Nursery mailing address: Aianduse tee 45, Tallinn, 11913, Eesti Vabariik/Estonia , E-mail: